About us

Doprex company has been operating in the transport market for more than 25 years during which we have acquired valuable experience to be able to meet and secure any shipping requirement of our already existing and new clients. Speed, reliability, precision, flexibility and pro-client approach are the key pillars of Doprex Company.

The experienced transport and forwarding team deals with each requirement individually and responsibly and we are therefore ready to become your business partner on the road, in the air and in the sea. We have lifted our transport company at a higher level and, apart from road transport, we have developed air and sea freight, so we are one of the most flexible and promptly available transport companies.

Our company knows in detail the current trading rules throughout the European Union and Russia. No requirement of our clients is an obstacle for us, but rather a challenge to move forward and to provide the best services in the transport market for our clients and our business partners.

Doprex, transport and forwarding company, you can rely on us.

Our History

  • 2017 Expansion around the world

    Our partner who has subsidiaries all around the world provides air and sea freight.

  • 2013 Expansion around the world Air Freight

    We have completed our portfolio and we also offer the possibility of cargo aircraft transport.

  • 2010 Sea Freight

    We have begun to provide a cargo ship transport.

  • 1990 Road Haulage

    We started to provide a truck transport.

  • 1989 Establishment of company

    Doprex is transport and forwarding company